Capabilities Statement

Show Striping Industries is family owned and operated. SSI started out as a striping company and has grown over many years into a complete asphalt and bridge construction company. We serve you as an American made general contracting company designed to take the burden away from you of having to hire many different contractors to do one job. From commercial, to corporate, to municipal, we do it all. Show Striping Industries has completed contracts for federal military bases, national parks and international contracts overseas. We contract Asphalt, Seal Coating, Crack-fill, Infrared Heat Patching, Overlays, Milling/Excavating, Concrete, and so much more. We specialize in designing and painting your surface using only Sherwin Williams Department of Transportation certified traffic paint. When it comes to customer service, Show Striping Industries delivers excellence like no other, working one on one with each and every client, creating a long lasting business relationship. Repeat business from happy customers is what we take pride in. We are never to busy to take a call or work with a client to ensure his or her specific needs are met. For our customers, we carefully design the perfect lot layout for you to maximize parking and safely direct traffic flow. We pay attention to detail to ensure your lot is ADA compliant and up to federal code. Every line at our job sites is carefully measured and chalked out to create a sharp looking parking lot.

We at Show Striping Industries want your customers to look at your lot and be impressed,

“Because first Impressions Count!”™